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No Negative Mondays

No Negative Mondays, an endeavour of Dainik Bhaskar is based on a very strong creative insight which is an extension of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of the three monkeys which convey the message of “Bura mat dekho”, “Bura mat bolo” and “Bura mat suno”. This idea conveys the message that if Gandhiji would have had a fourth monkey , it would convey the message of “Bura mat socho” which means that in the present era, in order to lead a healthy life full of joy, peace and contentment, it is imperative that our thinking remains purely positive. Monday is a fresh start to the week where people are energised and willing to enthusiastically plan for the week ahead. It is therefore essential to initiate and drive this concept of saying no to negative thoughts right at the beginning of the week and inspire people to start afresh on a positive note throughout.

The concept of No Negative Monday implemented through the newspaper for 9 months, consists of a four pronged approach towards driving a change. This covers –

  • Finding a positive aspect even in a negative news
  • Good news first
  • Negative news in a box
  • Stories of hope

It is felt that the philosophy of beating the blues is not just limited to Mondays but staying positive is a key to happiness to be religiously followed each day in order to live a No Negative Life.

A newspaper is not just a piece of paper but a driver of change which, with the help of its content and coverage possesses the power to set the agenda for its readers. Starting the day with positive stories and coverage of news is a welcome change. In an environment where negativity sells and media thrives on pessimism , scandals ,sensationalism & scams to have a stronger hold in the market , Dainik Bhaskar understands the fact that great onus lies on the print media to bring about a favorable transformation in people’s lives by initiating a change in their mindset through positive news and stories of hope. Even if a negative news is critical to cover, it is shared in a very sensitive manner with a clear header of negative news leaving no scope of playing with the readers’ emotion by instigating and provoking them. This helps in breaking free from the cluttered negative news environment by doing something worthwhile for the society.

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Vyakhyan Shrankhala
Pt. Vijay Shankar Mehta

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Vyakhyan Shrankhala
Mr. Vijay Batra

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